Our vision is for women to make the world a better place through travel.

Our mission is to empower women to travel the world safely and sustainably by providing them with a global support network.

How it works? We use parts of our profit to combat the negative impact of tourism. This might be donating to ocean clean-up programs, building our own elephant sanctuaries or similar initiatives.

Our Story


Once upon a time, there was a girl on her very first solo trip. She was anxious flying across the whole world. It was a completely new experience for her to explore a new country all by herself.

Every day, she looked for travelbuddies to go with her, but couldn’t find anyone. One day, she decided to find a solution for this.

From that day on, TravelSisters the female only travel app was built. With this app, she could easily find verified and like-minded travelgirls, plan fun trips with them or meet up spontaneously.

Finally, travelling solo wasn’t daunting anymore, but safe, fun and an exciting way to find new friends!


We want to empower women to travel more safely and sustainably by providing them with a global support network. And the more they use TravelSisters, the more we can back to places damaged by tourism.

TravelSisters is a global community of travel women which provides females with a safe network, advice and companionship.

Go find your #TravelSisters on join.travelsisters.co