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We make female travel safer by connecting like-minded women to each other. To join our community, you have to get verified before you can interact with other members. Safety First!

Not only that! We want to give back to where help is needed. While travel is great for many countries, tourism can also be very damaging in a lot of cases. So we give back 10% of our profit to philanthropic causes.

You could be supporting ocean clean-up projects in Australia to save the Great Barrier Reef. Or maybe help build elephant sanctuaries to stop tourists from riding elephants? We can’t wait to get you involved in volunteering trips for these projects!


Things you can do as a member:

  • Create your travel profile
  • Search for like-minded & verified TravelSisters
  • Send messages to other members
  • Create your own or join others’ trips
  • Get Behind-The-Scenes content
  • Receive early bird invites to our small exclusive events
  • Make use of a 50% discount on your annual membership
  • Get early access to our travel partner discounts

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And remember: 10% of our profit will always be donated to philanthropic causes around the world 🐘