13 Must-Have Apps for Solo Female Travellers: Game-Changers!

13 Must-Have Apps for Solo Female Travellers: Game-Changers!

Getting ready to discover the world on your own terms? These apps for solo female travellers will make things easier, safer, and even more FUN for you.


1. WalkSafe

Using both community-reported and police crime data, it helps you plan the safest route. You can also let your trusted friends follow your journey for extra peace of mind.

2. Flush 

Find the nearest public toilet, even when you’re offline.


3. Google Maps

We bet you already have it, but did you know you could also download the offline map of your destination?

This is what makes it one of the very best apps for solo female travellers: no more worrying about getting lost if you lose signal!


4. Hopper

While it also helps with accommodation and rental cars, this is a particularly handy app for solo female travellers looking for flight deals.

It gives you advice on when to buy your tickets and sends you notifications when there’s a price drop.


5. Sygic Travel 

The world’s first online maps designed for travellers! It’ll show you both top places and hidden gems, from tourist attractions to restaurants and more.


6. TripWhistle

We hope you’ll never have to use it, but this safety app for female travellers could literally save the day.

Call local emergency numbers quickly, and share your location no matter where you are in the world.

7. PackPoint

This handy travel app organises what you actually need to pack based on factors like weather and activities.

(Plus, who doesn’t secretly love travel checklists?)

xe converter

8. Xe Currency

Ever realised you overpaid something because you got the conversion rate wrong? Been there, done there, got the (overpriced) t-shirt.

Because it uses live conversion rates, XeCurrency is the perfect travel app for solo female travellers looking to avoid unpleasant surprises.

9. Happy Cow

The best app for solo female travellers following a plant-based lifestyle! It includes over 185,000 restaurants and cafes with veggie and vegan food options across +185 countries.

Would you rather eat at entirely vegan places? Then Vegan Maps (free and available on Google Play and the App Store) is a better alternative for you.


10. Google Translate

You don’t speak the local language? Don’t let it get in the way of your #wanderlust!

Translating apps like Google Translate (or TripLingo, which also helps with a country’s etiquette) aren’t perfect, but they will allow you to communicate with locals abroad.


11. TravelSisters

Yep, that’s us!

We’ve created a safe, women-only app for solo female travellers who’re itching to make new friends around the world and find like-minded travel buddies.

Join the sisterhood! Pre-order your membership to access additional perks and discounts

  • £49.99 a year (£25.00 for founding members)
  • Available on both Android and iPhone

12. Simtex

While it’s not a traditional app, it acts like one. This platform is especially useful for longer solo trips, whether that’s in one country or multiple locations.

It basically downloads a local sim so that you can use that country’s data rates, making it easier (and cheaper) to stay connected.


13. Stasher

Deadtime in between transfers? Just because you’re carrying a bulky suitcase, it doesn’t mean you should waste it!

Find the nearest luggage storage in +250 cities around the world.

Basically, with these travel apps for solo female travellers, you’ll be truly unstoppable. 

Is there any other travel app for women you’d recommend? Let your fellow travel sisters know in the comments! 

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