6 Galentine’s Day Getaways Ideas (+ Destinations You’ll LOVE)

6 Galentine’s Day Getaways Ideas (+ Destinations You’ll LOVE)

Plane tickets over cheesy cards, thank you very much! February 13th is to celebrate your female friends or—why not—meet new ones. 

And, if your wanderlust is tingling, what better way to do so than with a Galentine’s Day getaway?

Galentine’s Day getaway options: with your friends or as a solo traveller?

  • Do most of your girlfriends share similar interests? Then it’ll be fun⁠ to plan a group trip with your existing friendship circle
  • Is the idea of yet another group chat too overwhelming? Maybe you all have different travel preferences? Just organise a Galentine’s Day getaway with your BFF
  • Want more freedom and flexibility? Plan a solo trip but hang out with some like-minded globetrotters. There are many ways to meet friends whilst travelling, and joining the Travelsisters community will make things even easier. In fact, our female-only app lets you meet new travel friends (all personally verified) and even plan trips together!
  1. Beach Holiday
  2. City Break
  3. Rural Getaway
  4. Spa Trip
  5. Outdoorsy Holiday
  6. Specific Activity
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6 unforgettable Galentine’s Day getaway ideas

We have some exciting Galentine’s Day destinations to recommend too, but we know that budget, time, and your current location make a BIG difference.

So, we’ve divided them into different types of Galentine’s Day holidays. That way, you can get inspired and steal the idea but choose a closer destination if needed.

1. Beach holiday 

Is February freezing cold where you live? Then plan a Galentine’s Day getaway to escape the chillness

Head somewhere you can comfortably enjoy your best #BeachLife: sunbathing, sipping cocktails, and being beside the seaside.

Some places that tend to be much warmer in February are:

  • Florida
  • Mexico
  • Singapore 
  • Barbados
  • Dominican Republic
  • Melbourne 
  • Cape Town
  • The Bahamas

    2. City break 

    Do you thrive on the hustle and bustle of a metropolis? Wanna get lost in pretty cafes and museums? Pick a capital or a large city for your Galentine’s Day getaway. 

    In this case, the world is really your oyster, but some popular destinations are:

    Or if you’d rather party:


      3. Rural getaway

      Picture this: renting a villa with your friends, exploring its idyllic surroundings at your own pace, and enjoying a glass of wine whilst gazing at the sunset.

      If that sounds like your kind of Galentine’s Day getaway, choose a quiet area in the countryside, like:

      • Tuscany in Italy
      • Provence in France
      • Asturias in Spain

        4. Spa trip

        This is the definition of relaxation! 

        A spa break is particularly perfect for shorter Galentine’s Day getaways, from all-inclusive resorts to smaller packages if you’d rather discover that area and local restaurants, too.

        You can plan this type of break in your own country. If you want to go big, however, some of the most breath-taking spa resorts around the world are:


          5. Outdoorsy holiday 

          Hikers at heart? If the cold won’t stop you, you’re spoiled with choices! 

          But, if you’d rather keep a little warmer, here are some ideas:

          • Madeira and Algarve in Portugal
          • Cape Verde
          • Catalonia in Spain 
          • Arizona

            6. A specific activity

            What’s something you and your friends always say you’re going to do but never get around to? 

            This is the sign you were looking for: plan your Galentine’s Day getaway around that activity!

            It could be something extreme or more chilled, like:

            • Skydiving in Nepal
            • Yoga in Bali
            • Skiing in France
            • Wine tasting in Italy 

              ve you got more ideas for a memorable Galentine’s Day getaway? Drop a comment to share them with your travel sisters.

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