9 Best Travel Accessories for Women: Smart, Safe & Comfy

9 Best Travel Accessories for Women: Smart, Safe & Comfy

When exploring the world, do you often find yourself thinking, “I really wish I had brought this and that with me”?

It’s such a common struggle: having all the right gear to travel comfortably but without taking up too much space in our suitcase.

So, to make your next trips easier, we’ve scouted for the best travel accessories for women.

Of course, there might be additional ones you’ll need depending on the type of vacation and your own interests. Still, this travel accessories list is an excellent starting point for most of our travel sisters.


1. Portable urination device 

If you’re an outdoorsy traveller, we bet you’re familiar with squatting in the woods when camping or behind your van during long road trips (and don’t let us get started on the hygiene conditions of some public toilets).

Well, no more squatting or improvising yourself as a contortionist to avoid touching the toilet seat!

Perfect for AFAB travellers, this foldable, washable, and reusable urination device will allow you to stand up comfortably whenever nature calls.


    2. Reusable water bottle

    Before we change topics, may we just remind you that travel conditions make UTIs more common? Especially because it’s easier to forget to drink plenty of fluids!

    Instead, stay hydrated—and be kind to the planet—by carrying a reusable water bottle.

    Hiker at heart? In your case, one of the best travel accessories for women wanderers would be a bottle with a filter to drink clean water no matter where you are.


      3. Portable charger

      Finding yourself without phone battery isn’t only inconvenient: as a solo female traveller, in particular, it could potentially be dangerous, too.

      Bypass that scenario altogether by carrying a compact power bank.


        4. Reversible clothing

        From jackets to dresses, this travel gear for women results in more available luggage space but double the outfits.


          5. Universal travel adaptor

          This humble but incredibly useful travel accessory is pretty much an investment for life and all your future adventures. 

          You’ll get to plug your electronic devices in over 150 countries!


            6. Microfibre travel towel

            While you won’t really need it if you stay in a hotel, this is a space-saving travel accessory for women who love camping and backpacking

            A compact microfibre design is a handy solution that doesn’t take up too much precious luggage space (unlike traditional towels).

              7. Personal alarm and safety gadgets

              Take it from a fellow female traveller: better safe than sorry!

              Consider carrying a loud personal alarm (especially when travelling solo), and bookmark our list of travel security products like portable door locks.


                8. Hanging toiletry bag

                Fairly sure we’ve all been guilty of cramming too many bits and bobs into our toiletry bag until it became twice the size (or the zip snapped).

                Instead, this hanging model optimises its compact design to fit more whilst keeping everything tidy.

                And, if you like to wear makeup when travelling, consider chucking in a reusable remover cloth, too: much more eco-friendly than single-use options.


                  9. Anti-theft crossbody bag

                  Unlike traditional bags or backpacks with easy access, this travel accessory for women is both practical and safe. 

                  You’ll get to carry your essentials when heading out for the day but also discourage pick-pockets. Plus, we recommend using it for your valuables whenever transiting, from flights to buses.

                  If you were hoping for stylish travel accessories that could also complement your outfits, you can easily find an anti-theft crossbody bag in more colourful and sleek designs, too.

                    Are there any other travel accessories for women that you couldn’t set off without? At TravelSisters, we’re a community and app for fellow female travellers. So, pop them in the comments to help us all find out about your favourite gear!

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