9 Female Solo Travel Myths Holding You Back… DEBUNKED!

9 Female Solo Travel Myths Holding You Back… DEBUNKED!

More and more women are discovering the world on their own (yay!), but there are still so many female solo travel myths out there (ouch).

If you’ve internalised them, they’ve probably been preventing you from living your best #TravelLife.

So, let’s debunk them!

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Female solo travel myth #1 – “Travelling alone as a woman is too dangerous”

That’s your main concern, isn’t it?

In most cases, however, your personal safety as a solo female traveller abroad isn’t at a higher risk than when going about your daily life.

It’s the perceived risk that heightens your fear.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take extra precautions. We recommend bookmarking our safety tips and carrying personal security gadgets like an alarm.

You can be cautious and explore the world!

    Woman sad and unhappy at the airport with flight canceled

    Female solo travel myth #2 – “It’s sad/selfish to travel alone”

    These common female solo travel myths tap into deep-seated insecurities created by society: “you must always do stuff with other people. Otherwise, you’re a loser.”

    This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

    Travelling solo is an incredibly empowering experience that has nothing to do with having no one to go with.

    It’s about flexibility and wanderlust. 

    Also, as women, we’re often made to feel selfish if we choose to do something on our own, especially if we’re married or have children.

    But, as long as the kids are properly looked after, it’s not egoistical to travel solo occasionally. You can still go on holiday with your family as well!

    So, take a deep breath, and let go of what other people might think.


      Female solo travel myth #3 – “It’s more expensive”

      It doesn’t have to be, and it’ll be you making all the decisions!

      So, here’s how to travel on a budget.

        Portrait of young black woman with suitcase walking outdoors in city street by airport or train station

        Female solo travel myth #4 – “It can only mean backpacking”

        If camping and the great outdoors aren’t your cup of travel tea, you can try a different type of solo trip.

        For example, how about a city break or a workation in hotels with stunning views?

          Portrait of beautiful confused woman who have to made a decision

          Female solo travel myth #5 – “I can’t go if I don’t speak the language”

          While you shouldn’t assume that everyone speaks English (consider learning ‘thank you’ and greetings in the language of your destination), lots of people around the world do.

          And, when they don’t, translating apps aren’t perfect but they’ll do the job.

            Stylish young woman eating healthy salad on a restaurant terrace, feeling happy on a summer day

            Female solo travel myth #6 – “Everyone will pity me if I eat alone”

            Once again, this solo travel myth stems from insecurities placed on us by society.

            Most people will be too busy enjoying their food to even notice you’re eating alone. And, if someone does care, why should you? You’ll never see them again!

            Still, you can always sit at a communal table whenever you fancy having a chat.

              Female solo travel myth #7 – “I won’t have any photos”

              Easy: ask locals or fellow travellers to take them.

              Auto-tracking self-timers and tripods work wonders, too. You can even find a two-in-one solution for your camera and phone!

                Stressed exhausted african american businesswoman talking with manager on phone discussing anuual company statistics late at night. Entrepreneur overworking at financial strategy in corporate office

                Female solo travel myth #8 – “It’s too much work because I’ll have to do everything”

                The most stressful part of planning a ‘traditional’ holiday is usually… having to compromise on stuff!

                As a solo traveller, you won’t have to spend additional time looking for places and activities that please both you and your travel buddies.

                  Pretty young woman in black dress sitting in armchair by table and having glass of red wine alone

                  Female solo travel myth #9 – “I’ll be bored and lonely”

                  Err, how exactly can you be bored when you can do anything you want?!

                  Just have some books, music, or podcasts at hand for dead time.

                  Plus, ‘solo’ doesn’t have to mean ‘lonely’. It doesn’t even have to mean ‘alone’, if you don’t want to!

                  In fact, we’ve created a female-only community to connect more travellers like you. Through the TravelSisters app, you’ll meet like-minded locals and even travel buddies. You can grab a coffee when you visit their city or share a stretch of journey.

                  And, going back to that first female solo travel myth, it won’t be dangerous: we screen every single member via video call.

                    Join the sisterhood: pre-order your membership today, and get ready to follow your wanderlust on your own terms!


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