Female Solo Travel vs Group Travel: What’s Right for YOU?

Your wanderlust has been brewing for a while… but you haven’t got anyone to plan an adventure with. In your case, is it better to travel alone or in a group?

To help you figure it out, we’ve created a simple solo travel vs group travel comparison.

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Pros and cons of solo travel for women

Whether you choose to create a schedule in advance or make it up as you go (or a bit of both), solo travel simply means that you’re setting off on your own.

Benefits of solo travel

  • The world is your oyster! From destinations to accommodation, you’re in complete control, and there’s more room for being spontaneous if you wish to change plans
  • Solo travel can be more affordable
  • You can meet locals and choose to experience a country’s culture beyond touristy attractions
  • You get plenty of alone time, which can allow you to really discover yourself
  • You’re never stuck with anyone you don’t vibe with
  • Solo travel allows you to realise just how resourceful you truly are

Disadvantages of travelling solo

Solo female travel might be better for you if:

You’re after a more spontaneous trip with complete freedom

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Pros and cons of group travel (or solo travel with a group)

Booking an organised tour with a guide and set itinerary is essentially a group trip for solo travellers.

Benefits of group travel

  • Probably the BIGGEST perk in a solo travel vs group travel comparison: with the latter, you’ll never have to plan a single thing
  • You get extra ease and convenience, from skipping attraction queues to knowing there’s always someone who has your back (especially should something go wrong)
  • You’ll be instantly surrounded by like-minded travellers and get to share your experiences with them
  • Group travel offers more security and can be safer in certain areas. For example, if you really want to travel to some of the most dangerous countries, it’d be wiser to opt for group travel vs solo travel
  • You can learn a lot from your guide

Disadvantages of travelling in a group

  • You have less (or no) flexibility and can’t visit a place at your own pace
  • Group solo travel can be more expensive. While you pay for it upfront, some add-ons are usually offered, and you will be tempted, even if they’re above your preferred budget
  • It’s rare, but you might be stuck with people you don’t like
  • You won’t have any privacy or time on your own unless you pay more for a single room

Group travel might be better for you if:

You love the idea of always being with someone and don’t want to worry about the logistics.

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Solo travel vs group travel? TravelSisters can help either way!

We’re an app and community making travel easier, safer, and more fun for women.

Maybe you prefer the idea of…

  • solo travel BUT are worried about feeling lonely? You can connect with other female globetrotters in your destination, share a leg of the journey, or even just meet for a coffee or specific activity 
  • group travel BUT are stressed about meeting so many new people in one go? Use our app to get to know other female travellers who share your same interests, chat with them, and consider booking a group trip together 

And of course, you can even use our app to plan an entire trip with them!

Whether you’re going to opt for solo travel or group travel, it’ll be so empowering to have a network of like-minded travel sisters ready to support you—especially when society tries to make us feel guilty for wanting to explore the world independently (it’s not selfish!).

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