How to Find a Cheap Hotel Room: 7 Hacks for Female Travellers

We’re all for hostels and affordable accommodation. Still, sometimes it’s just nice to pamper yourself with additional perks… especially when you can book them at lower rates!

Here’s exactly how to find a cheap hotel room (psst: some hacks and platforms can be proper game-changers for your next trip—and wallet).

7 tricks on how to find a cheap hotel when travelling

… from a strategic initial research to secret deals you didn’t know existed!

1. Start with a comparison site

Most of these platforms have a filter—along the lines of ‘lowest price’—to find cheap hotels in your destination:

Another trick? Use them as search engines and then contact the actual hotel: sometimes, it can be cheaper to book the room directly with them! 

2. Get rewards for committing to one platform or chain

Many companies offer you some kind of discount, reward, and even a free night if you use them regularly. So, if you travel often, it might make sense to stick to one booking platform. For example:

Alternatively, many hotel chains will offer you exclusive deals and perks:

3. Use an online coupon code or discount

Try your luck on websites like Groupon. You can also download the free Honey extension: it’ll automatically scan the web for relevant coupon codes and add them to your online cart.

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4. Snatch a last minute deal….

Spontaneous trip? Change of plans? Here’s how to find cheap hotels last minute

You see, when they aren’t likely to sell all their rooms, many facilities lower their rates. So, you might find a cheap hotel room on platforms like HotelTonight.

5. … or add some mystery with secret last minute hotel deals

If you’re not too fussy, you can find even cheaper hotel rooms through platforms like Hotwire and Priceline.

All you’re told is usually the rough location and star rating. You’ll find out the hotel name after booking it.

6. Use someone’s non-refundable booking to find a cheap hotel room

It happens: someone’s plans changed but they couldn’t get a refund. Smart travellers log this on platforms like Roomer

You can then buy their booking at a reduced rate. A win-win for both parties!

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7. Sign-up for alerts and updates

If you already have a few specific places and dates in mind, try Hopper, one of the best travel apps. It’ll notify you as soon as there’s a price drop!

Final considerations on how to get cheap hotels for your travels

Also, keep in mind that:

  • Longer stays can reduce your nightly rate, especially when booking directly with that hotel
  • Many guides on how to get cheap hotel rates recommend another strategy: booking multiple rooms ahead of time to get early-bird offers and then using their free cancellation once you’ve made up your mind. We don’t think that’s the most ethical move, though! It might penalise small independent facilities
  • Sometimes, a slightly more expensive hotel room can work out cheaper for you overall. Yes, we’re serious! For example, if it includes breakfast and luggage storage, you won’t have to pay for them separately elsewhere
  • Some hotels or booking platforms might offer additional discounts for specific categories, like students 
  • Check your credit card: some of them include hotel rewards, too

Basically, when you rely on these tricks, you can enjoy the perks of a premium hotel stay without breaking the bank. 

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