How to find a female travel companion

How to find a female travel companion

You are looking to find a fellow female travel companion? You have come to the right place!

In this post we will give you a few options where you can find a like-minded female travel friend. There are many options but to start with we have selected our top 7 choices!

First of all, you can search for female only travel groups on Facebook. Of course, there is no guarantee that they really will only be ladies since there is no verification system in place.

However, some groups are set up with restrictions. For example, in our TravelSisters Facebook group we only allow members after checking their Facebook profiles. That means that if a profile seems dodgy, like having only joined Facebook 2 weeks ago or having no visible profile pictures, then we won’t let them join.

Tip: Invite all your friends as well. Because this way the group can grow quickly and offers more benefits by everyone sharing their travel tips and experiences!

We’re a big fan of making new friends whilst travelling. I mean, what easier way than asking someone you already know and like if they happen to know someone they like who happens to live where you’re going or maybe said they want to go there, too? Foudn a new female travel companion right there!

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to one of my friends! She was going to Los Angeles and I happened to have a friend who’s lived there for ages. They ended up meeting and had a great time together. She got a proper “local tour” of the city.

You don’t ask, you don’t get. You’d be surprised about “who knows who”! #6degreesofseparation

You want to find someone even before you go on your trips? Then you should give our prototype a try!

We only allow verified women into our community. Once you’re a verified member you can search for a like-minded travel companion. We give you different filters like language, travel style, interests, distance from you, and more!

Because safety and keeping our travel sisterhood as personal as possible is super important to us, we are also invitation only. But don’t worry. If you don’t know anyone on it yet, you can join the waitlist!

First of all, hostels are a great way to meet new travel companions! Now add booking into a female only dorm and you are already much more likely to find your next female travel companion. Of course, this only works if you’re happy to start out your travel solo and then just join up with people you meet along the way. 

So, when you look for hostels to stay in, make sure to check if they have specifically female only dorms. However, they can be quite high in demand and therefore fully booked already. Sometimes it’s worth calling the hostel and ask if maybe there has been a cancellation that has not updated on the system yet.

Tip: A great place to find hostels is Hostelworld. It can be cheaper to book directly with the hostel rather than booking through them… 😏 

If you are happy to go on a solo trip to start off with, then female only group tours are a great way to meet fellow female travellers. Most likely, they were also looking for a female travel companion but ended up going by themselves. So say hi, exchange details and stay in touch for your next trip!

A tour operator we love working with is Women Adventure Africa and if you book through us, you even get a discount!

Believe it or not, a lot of great friendships have started on Instagram. First, go to search and look for some travel you like. For example #hiking. Then, go to accounts and have a look around. See it as a big, virtual networking room. You can leave a comment under the pictures or directly start a conversation in direct messages. Same rules for making new friends in real life apply! 😄 Say hi, be nice, and see where it goes. Kristen forexamplee has her own travel agency!

And always be careful. Before meeting in real life, schedule a video chat to check they’re real. Better safe than sorry, ladies!

Oh and remember to stop by our gallery and say hi there, too! ðŸĪŠ

Another thing you can do before travelling is to go to meetups! In the Facebook groups we mentioned before, you can find irl organising meetups in their own cities for when they’re currently not travelling. If we can’t travel, we have to at least talk about travel, right?? ✈ïļ

Additionally, you can also go to Meetup, which is basically like a cross between Facebook Groups and Eventbrite. So there are different groups for different topics and they organise meetups/events in there that can be free or paid.

I hope you like our little overview! You think we forgot something? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe travels! xx

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