How to Find a Female Travel Partner: Guide for Women

Most of us #TravelSisters have been there before: itching to explore the world but… feeling like we have nobody to go with.

Fret not! We’ll show you exactly how to find a female travel partner so that you can start leading your best travel life.

How to find a female travel partner before a trip

Would you rather meet a travel buddy before setting off and maybe plan the trip together?

1. Get an introduction from a friend

“But I’d come across as desperate.” Not at all!

In fact, your friends might know of someone who’s also dying to travel more, so you’ll be doing them a favour.

Or they might have an acquaintance who’s moved to one of your dream destinations and is struggling to meet new people.

The best thing? Your friends will only connect you with those they actually trust!

And, if you’re not sure who to ask, how about putting this up in your Instagram stories but only for your close friends to see?

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2. Look for like-minded women on social media

Some handy platforms to find a female travel partner are:

  • Facebook travel groups for women. True, most of them admit anyone (bots included). In our TravelSisters group, however, we only accept female members after checking their profile. Anyone looking suspicious? We’re not going to approve them!
  • Instagram. Interact with travel influencers and their followers. You can also look at relevant communities and hashtags, like #SoloTravelGirl (or, if you enjoy a specific type of travel-related activity, something more specific like #GirlsWhoHike)
  • The TravelPartner subreddit. You can specify you’re hoping to find a female travel companion and maybe list your favourite destinations

Either way, we highly recommend getting on an actual video call before meeting them in person.

3. Use female-only apps to find travel companions

You’re not alone: there are thousands of girls out there who are also trying to figure out how to find a female travel partner!

So, the best way to meet them is to use an app that brings all of you together. For example, our TravelSisters app is a female-only community to make travel easier, safer, and more fun for women.

You can use our filters (like language, travel style, interests, and more) to find the perfect travel buddy for your preferences.

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How to find a female travel companion whilst travelling

More spontaneous? Would you rather learn how to meet a female travel companion on the go?
You can bookmark our guide on how to make friends whilst travelling, but here’s some advice that’s more specific to women.

1. Stay in a female-only dorm

Hostels are full of fellow solo travellers! From communal areas to breakfast and planned activities, they offer plenty of opportunities to meet them, too.

Use platforms like Hostelworld to scout for options with female-only dorms (psst: sometimes it’s cheaper to book directly with the actual place).

2. Book a women-only tour

Some girls go with a friend or two, but most of them are usually hoping to find a female travel partner… just like you!

When booking a women-only trip through a tour operator, there’ll be so many opportunities to get to know the other travellers in your group.

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3. Attend a MeetUp event for girls

If you don’t want to commit to an entire organised holiday, why not just grab a coffee or try a specific group activity in your chosen destination?

4. Join a female-only app to find travel companions

Communities like ours aren’t just to plan a trip with someone! You can also use them for more spontaneous meet-ups with girls who already live in—or are travelling through—your same destination, like going on a hike or visiting a museum.

Join the sisterhood today: you’ll become a VIP life-time member with special perks for founding members.

See? Learning how to find a female travel partner isn’t so scary and difficult, after all!

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