How to Make Friends While Travelling Alone as a Woman: 9 Tips

How to Make Friends While Travelling Alone as a Woman: 9 Tips

Solo doesn’t have to mean alone! 

We know you’re worried you’ll come across as a weirdo (we’ve been there, too), but you can definitely learn how to make friends while travelling. 

Pinky promise.

make friends while travelling alone

Is it safe to meet people while travelling as a woman?

Despite what your anxiety’s telling you, it’s not that different from meeting new people in your own city or country!

Of course, it’s important to stay safe. For example, don’t go to secluded areas with someone you just met. Something feels off? Trust your guts and leave. 

But don’t let this stop you from learning how to meet people while travelling!

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9 actionable tips on how to make friends while travelling solo as a woman

Ready to make and share new memories during your solo trips?

1. Look approachable

You can’t expect people to speak to you if you’re giving off please-don’t-talk-to-me vibes.

  • Don’t wear headphones
  • Put your phone down
  • Avoid negative body language (like keeping your arms crossed)
  • Smile and make eye contact

2. Stay in a hostel

This is probably the best way of making friends while travelling alone as a woman!

After all, 72% of hostel users are fellow solo travellers in your same situation.

  • Want to make female friends? Look for women-only hostels or dorms
  • Leave your room! Hang out in the common area, and show up for breakfast or planned activities (if included). Start a conversation with “where are you from?”, “how long have you been staying here for?”, or “I’m going to grab a coffee/some lunch. Anyone wants to tag along?
  • Have an ace up your sleeve: bring some card games, and if anyone looks bored, offer to play

3. Use the TravelSisters app to make friends with tourists and locals

We’re a female-only friendship community to find like-minded travel buddies safely (both our app and Facebook group members are verified).

Not only can you plan new trips together: you might even find someone who’s already where you are. 

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4. Book an activity

For example, you could look into: 

5. Ask for help (even if you don’t really need it)…

Something as simple as “have you got any travel tips for [place]?” can be an effective ice-breaker.

Or “do you mind taking a photo of me? I’m travelling solo, and I’m not very good with the self-timer.”

6. … and offer it, too

Anyone looking lost or trying to take a photo? 

Smile, offer to help… and see what happens!

7. Hang out where locals hang out

Want to learn how to meet locals while travelling?

  • Ask your host/reception where locals normally go for a drink or coffee
  • It helps if you speak the language, but even just knowing “hello” and “thank you” will make a good first impression
  • Be familiar with local etiquette (travel apps like TripLingo can help)
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8. Make the most of meals, drinks, and coffee breaks

Eating at a small table whilst looking at your phone? It’s unlikely someone will want to approach you.


  • Pick communal tables
  • Sit at the bar

9. Take a deep breath… and approach people directly!

Here’s the real secret of how to make friends while travelling: you don’t necessarily need a group setting or an excuse!

Challenge yourself to take the first step if you see someone whose vibe you like:

  • “Are you travelling solo, too?”
  • “I couldn’t help hearing you mention [place/attraction]. I was thinking of going. Any tips?”
  • Start with a compliment (maybe you love their outfit?)

And if you think it’d be too terrifying… what have you got to lose? 

NOTHING! Because even if you mess it up—and we’re sure you won’t—you’ll never see that person again. 

So, remember:

  • It’ll feel scary at first but get easier with time
  • Other solo globetrotters are also trying to make friends while travelling

And don’t forget that the TravelSisters app makes it easy, safe, and fun to meet new travel buddies. Join the sisterhood by pre-ordering your membership today!

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