How To Plan A Trip

Easy steps on how to plan your next trip

With Covid currently raging havoc in the world, we’re all stuck at home. But that just makes me want to travel more, to be honest. And what better way to get started by at least starting to plan your trip?

Here we’ve put together some easy steps to start planning your next trip. That way you’re ready to go once lockdown is being lifted!

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1. Pick a destination

There are a lot of nice places to go to that it becomes very difficult to decide on which one to choose.

Method 1: Throw a dart at a map and go. You might end up spending 2 weeks in the Maldives or behind the fridge, though.

Method 2: Randomly choose something from your bucket list. This way you’ll have something you’ve already been excited about for a while probably.

Method 3: Look at promotions.  Maybe some flights are especially cheap? Or train tickets are 50%, if you want to do a staycation. On Skyscanner for example, you can choose “everywhere” as destination to get inspiration and sort it by price!

Whichever method you choose to plan your trip, you should always consider the weather and season. No point in going to Thailand and being stuck in monsoon season. And definitely keep your budget in mind.

For more support, you can always reach out to fellow TravelSisters in our female only Facebook group to ask for advice. 🙂

They will surely help you decide where to go.

2. Decide on how long you want to go

The longer you plan to travel, the more you potentially need to plan for it. Unless you really just want to “go with the flow” and buy a one way ticket somewhere.

You need to decide the length of your stay since this will way you know how many places you can explore and how much money you need.

You can try one of our budget planners!

3. How much will the entire trip cost you?

The best way to find out is to do your research. There are a lot of travel blogs and websites that will give you a breakdown of how much your travel is going to cost in a particular destination. Make sure you check multiple sites and references, not just one. Best is if you can get some local knowledge. Try out our Facebook group or first app prototype. You might find a TravelSister living where you want to visit!

    4. Do you have enough money for the whole duration of the trip?

    In movies you might be able to travel without any money. And enough people are trying the whole “Begpacking”. But it really shouldn’t be an option. Why would you expect others to to give you their hard earned money for your travels? So keep it realistic. And if you’re lacking money, then maybe you can come up with ways to:

    1. Save some money by cutting down on luxuries like daily coffee and lunch out. Meal prep instead!
    2. Make more money by taking on an extra shift, or maybe you can sell some things at home you haven’t used for years anyway? Chuck it on Facebook marketplace, gumtree, craigslist, ebay or whatever else is out there!
    3. Adjust your plan slightly. Maybe you really really want to go to Paris, but instead of 2 weeks, 1 week might be your maximum for now. Or 2 weeks Turkey is an acceptable 2nd choice for you?
    Don't be this person. Not cool.

    5. Have your flights booked

    It doesn’t always have to be a flight. It could be cab ride, a bus ride, a ferry ride, or a boat ride. Best way to save some money is to buy your transport ahead of time. Also, if it’s too last minute, there might no seats available anymore if it’s a busy season! Another reason why it’s so imporant to plan your trip ahead of time.

    6. Book your accommodation

    I have friends who only ever book the first 2 nights and then take it from there. All I’m saying: you don’t necessarily have to have everything figured out. But if that’s not your style look out for reviews! Yes, that 2 bed all inclusive bedroom might be super cheap but if everyone complains about it then you might think about investing a little more money for something that has been rated better. It should always be safe & clean, ideally also close to things you want to do and see to not pay too much for transportation. Everything else is up to your budget. Hostels are pretty much always a good idea when you’re on a budget!

    7. Make your itinerary.

    First of all: your plan doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be flexible.
    This part will probably take the most time – even if it’s just a very small island or city, you will be overwhelmed at how many places “should” be visited. You will feel undecided at first, that is why you have to do your research and plan. My favourite way to plan a trip?

    1. Google: top things to do in ENTER YOUR DESTINATION
    2. “Bookmark” things you like. There is a little bookmark sign on the pictures/locations!

    I don’t like doing just the touristy sights. But they keep me busy and entertained for at least one day. The moment I arrive at my accomodation, I ask the reception for local tips. I basically only ever plan my first one or two days somewhere and then go by recommendations. If there aren’t many recommendations: ask your TravelSisters!

    plan your trip travelsisters
    Click on "More things to do"

    8. Get tips from people who have been there

    Don’t just only rely on blogs, as some of them might be sugarcoating things. Ask people who have actually “been there, done that”.

    Get as many views on places, prices, etc. Try reaching out to fellow TravelSisters in our female only Facebook group or test our first app prototype! 🙂

    9. Pack your bags.

    Make sure that you have all the stuff you need for your trip and that includes your money, ATM cards, passport, ticket, gadgets, and some clothes. Make sure you don’t forget anything essential! If you forget socks, you can still get somewhere on the way. But forgetting your passport? Not so good.

    Try use one of our packing checklists!

    10. Enjoy your trip!

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