How To Travel on a Budget

How to travel on a budget

First of all, don’t be a “beg-packer”. Just don’t be that person. But there are so many places to see, so little time… and in many cases even less money! Or is it just us?! Here’s a list of 15 ways on how to travel on a budget. If you have more ideas, get in touch so we can share it with our TravelSisters and all travel more!

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1. House Swap

House swaps are common nowadays. As you are considering how to go on vacation with no place to stay, someone else is doing the same. If this person is in a country or city, you want to visit and vice versa, then you can make a deal. While you are in the new city, you will stay in this person’s house, while they will stay in yours. This way, you will save money on accommodation, and thus, reduce the cost of your journey.

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2. House Sit

House sitting is another common practice today. As houses lose their value when they are left abandoned, traveling may be a pain. People who own large homes and want to travel will need someone to look after their homes. In some cases, some people have pets that need to be looked after while they are away. This will provide an opportunity for free housing, and in some cases, free meals when you are traveling.

3. Be a volunteer

There are many organizations and events in the world. Many of the events they organize are too much for them to handle alone. In most cases, they require volunteers to help make these possible. Events like the FIFA world cup make use of thousands of volunteers, and their entire trip is free. The organization will handle accommodation and feeding for the volunteers, who will have time to explore. All they have to do is help plan and manage the event.

4. Join the crew of a ship

While you would need some experience to be a member of the crew to get on a ship, you don’t need to be a seaman. There are other crew positions like a cook, passenger Liaison, entertainer and more! Any job you can perform on the ship will earn you crew privileges such as free accommodation and free meals.

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5. Hitchhike or carpool

BUT BE SAFE! Maybe best to find verified and like-minded TravelSisters. You can get a discount because we are currently crowdfunding for the proper app.

In a situation where your trip can be carried out via road, you can hitchhike or carpool. This will involve looking for free rides in the direction you are traveling. You can also join others traveling in your direction, and the costs of fueling the car will be shared

how to travel on a budget_airline discount

6. Use airline discounts and free flights

Airlines are always offering free flights and discounts to their loyal customers. In some cases, they offer free flights to random people in some instances. You can find one of these free flights, and the cost of your trip will be covered.  

how to travel on a budget_hostels

7. Stay in dorms/hostels

There are dorms for travelers and students in several countries and cities, which really help a lot to travel on a budget. Dorms are large with bunk beds, and as such, are a cheap housing solution. If you stay in a dorm, your expenses will be reduced as you won’t pay for housing.

how to travel on a budget_work abroad

8. Find work overseas

There are many overseas jobs if you are not the picky type. If you search well enough, you will find a job with free accommodation. Some of these jobs pay well enough to also fund your tourism at the same time. So all you will have to pay for is your flight.

how to travel on a budget_teach abroad

9. Teach a course in a foreign country

There is also the option of teaching in a foreign country. Foreign languages have become a mainstay in our education system, and in some cases, teachers are not enough. You can look for a teaching opportunity in a foreign country if one is available. It will provide you with accommodation and a salary.

how to travel on a budget_toursit cards

10. Use tourist cards

Tourism cards are made mainly to help reduce costs for tourists. A tourism card will offer you discounted access to the major tourist attractions in a country or a city. So you won’t have to pay the full price for access to these tourist locations, thus, reducing your expenses.

11. Join free walking tours

When you come to a new city, you may need to take a cab to go wherever you need to. This will be expensive, especially when some cab drivers try to take advantage of you. Walking tours were developed to give tourists a different way to enjoy a city. Walking tours are free, but some of them require a small fee.

how to travel on a budget_free bed

12. Look for free accommodation

Free accommodation options are available in some situations, especially when you are a student. Homeowners open their homes to foreigners to help lower their cost of travel. Google is your friend.

mealprep travelsisters

13. Cook your own meals

When you travel, you can cook meals in your dorm or housing solution. This will be cheaper than ordering food from restaurants and eating out all the time.

And if you’re still at home looking to save money for your upcoming trip, then check out our meal prep post!

14. Use student discounts

If you’re still a student, make use of it!

Always ask if there’s a student discount available. In a lot of cases you can get discounts on meals, transportation, entry tickets, screening, … Alwys worth asking!

15. WWOOF/farm work

WWOOF is a large organization of farm owners, and most times, they offer free travel, housing, and feeding to volunteers to help with their work. It may be a little physical, but you get time to visit tourist attractions.

Have you done any of these? Post in the comments below!

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