How TravelSisters Connects Female Travellers (Inclusively)

How TravelSisters Connects Female Travellers (Inclusively)

Struggling to find motivation and support to try solo female travel? Itching to explore more but haven’t got anyone to go with

TravelSisters might be the app and community for you!

Discover all the ways in which we make travel easier, safer, and more fun for you and other women—without excluding any of us.

What is TravelSisters?

We’re a female-only friendship app to help our #TravelSisters find verified and like-minded travel buddies safely.

We believe women—together—can make the world a better place through travel.

But we know it’s not always easy to get started: maybe your friends aren’t into your same idea of vacation, or you’ve never travelled solo before.

Plus, there’s still a stigma around female travel (“it’s dangerous, sad, selfish, unnecessary…” You name it!).

So, we’ve created our app and community to help you get around aaaall that. Whether you want to travel on your own or with some new friends, we’ve got you.

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How our female-only travel app benefits women who’re craving to explore the world (just like you)

  • You’ll be empowered to travel. We know how scary it can feel the very first time (we’ve been there, too!)… even more so if you’re surrounded by people who never travel and keep telling you you shouldn’t either. Instead, we’re growing a global community of travel sisters who feel your same #wanderlust and are ready to support your travel dreams
  • You’ll find like-minded travel buddies. Maybe, rather than trying a solo adventure, you’d like to set off with a travel partner but haven’t got anyone to go with right now? Find  travel sisters with similar bucket lists and interests!
  • You’ll meet other #TravelSisters once you’re already there. Want the best of both worlds? Embark on a solo trip but arrange to meet up with someone for a chunk of the journey or even just a coffee together. Through our app, you can get to know fellow travellers, locals, and even people who’re temporarily living in your chosen destination (like students)
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  • You’ll make new memories and friendships. Psst: this means you’ll also have a good excuse to go back to that country (and maybe even a free place to stay)
  • You’ll save money. From roaming to luggage storage and suncare products, you’ll save hundreds of pounds on your travels thanks to our growing list of partners

You’ll help the planet. To combat the negative impact of tourism, we donate parts of our profits to sustainable initiatives like ocean clean-up programs and elephant sanctuaries

How we make travel safer for women

You know those “Facebook travel groups for women” that are actually full of… bots and dodgy accounts? Yeah, none of that here!

Instead, we screen every single member through a 1:1 video chat with Alex, our founder and fellow travel sister. 


Our women-only travel app celebrates gender inclusion

At TravelSisters, we also want to #BreakTheBias.

  • Our travel friendship app is for all women. Whether you’re a CIS woman or genuinely identify as female, you’re welcome to join our family

Our video call is mainly to check that you’re not a bot and judge if you’d be a good fit for our community. We want to see that you are who you actually say you are, not trying to take advantage of us (for example, we wouldn’t accept someone who tells us they identify as female but have “male interested in women” on their social media profiles)

Basically, we’re here to empower all women to travel the world safely by offering them a global support network. Does that sound like something you’d enjoy? 

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Let’s make the world a better place with our travels. Together.

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