How will the coronavirus affect travel?

How will the coronavirus affect travel?

Well, there is a constant debate around the topic of traveling and Coronavirus. And we do wonder how 2020 will change the way we explore and reach different corners around the world. There is no need to jump to conclusions, which is why this article is here for you. If you keep reading, you will find out everything you need to know about how travel will be affected by the Coronavirus. Let’s see what changes and what you’ll need to pay attention to. 

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So, what do to if you booked a trip for 2020?

Ladies, you most likely are in this situation. We all search for the best travel deals, which leads us to book a trip with several months in advance. You should know that as for today, there is no official set of rules that dictate whether or not you will get a refund. Also, there is no official statement that discusses the procedures travel companies should implement to allow you to reschedule your trip.

Overall, you should know that flights to zones such as Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, or several other areas not mentioned on the CDC or World Health Organization list for high alert levels, are not eligible for refunds. Make sure you check the notices here before submitting a cancellation or refund request. If there is a warning 3 level for avoiding nonessential travel, you can ask for your trip provider for modifications or cancellation. 

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Coronavirus outbreak and travel screening procedures in 2020

As you probably know already, since the outbreak spread out beyond China’s borders, there were several travel security adjustments made, mostly around airports. Until the outbreak is managed and dealt with, you should expect your 2020 travel experience to be quite different from the previous years. As an example, thinking about traveling to the U.S.? They currently have a ban on arrivals from Europe or any other country under the level 3 warning for Coronavirus. This means that you not allowed to travel to the U.S. if you are coming from a country affected by the virus. Hence, for 2020 it is best to thoroughly check how an international trip is affected by the recent Corona outbreak. Even though the virus will eventually get contained, you should expect the travel screening procedures and restrictions in 2020 to be used until the end of the year. 

How to plan a trip in 2020 with Coronavirus outbreak in mind

A question we need to answer about how travel will be affected by the Coronavirus is related to planning your next 2020 trip. Let’s say you don’t have a booked trip at the moment, but you want to plan one. Well, the first thing you need to do is look for refundable rates and free cancellation amenities. We are not sure how long this outbreak will last, but it is always best to think about how you will manage a cancellation, rather than facing a non-refundable trip. And the CDC website can help you choose your next destination, as there is plenty of information available about COVID-19 travel info. 

And there is an upside about this global outbreak in 2020. Several hotels and airlines do their best to attract new customers. Since January 1st, the price for major travel companies decreased due to the downturn in bookings for fear of Coronavirus. As a result, you can find today interesting travel deals in areas not affected by Coronavirus. Besides, most providers offer useful cancellation policies to provide you with the best travel experience during the Coronavirus outbreak. You can even find bookings with the possibility of canceling your trip as late as 48 hours with a 100% refund!

Let us know in the comments: are you still going to travel and book trips or prefer staying homebound for a while?

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