Most Googled Travel Questions

Google revealed the Most Googled Travel Questions 2016 and we are going to answer them for you!


1. Where is Bali?

Yes, that really was a very popular question. Bali is an island in Indonesia. Indonesia is north of Australia.

It became especially famous through the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, a movie adaptation  starring Julia Roberts. It’s based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller about her life.

2. What to do in Vegas?

This definitely requires more than just a few sentences. So go check out our post about “What To Do In Vegas?”!

A few things to begin with: casinos, pool parties and zip lining!

las vegas - hangover

3. What to do in San Francisco?

This is another long one…

Go on, head over to our San Francisco guide! I lived there for a while so I should know what I’m talking about!

Best food places, look-outs, bars – we got your back!

San Francisco-whowho
WhoWho (now TravelSisters!) founder Alex enjoying her time living in San Francisco

4. Where is Corfu?

Corfu is a Greek island just off the coast of the Albanian and Greek border.

It’s situated in the Ionian Sea and famous for it’s rugged mountains and countless resorts along them.

5. What to do in Orlando?


Kidding. There’s much more to Orlando. Go explore this post!


6. Where is Bora Bora?

It’s in paradise. No, it is paradise!

You will find it close to French Polynesia, north west from Tahiti. Which is basically in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

7. What to do in Miami?

Miami is a really great city if you’re into artsy things. But there is so much more to it! Find out more in our Miami travel guide!

Miami Beach Outdoor Screening travel guide

8. How many ounces can you take on a plane?

You can take liquids in containers of max. 100ml each (3.4 ounces). All together shouldn’t be more than 1l (35 ounces).
This includes aerosols, gels, creams or pastes. Which often, but not always, also includes mascara, ladies!

They have to in a “travel sized, see-through bag” that you can take out of your hand luggage at any time.

This doesn’t apply to your checked luggage though. There you can take your normal sized products.

9. What to do in Myrtle Beach?

 It’s warm. It has beaches. But there’s more to it than just sipping cocktails while tanning. Go check out our full article on it!

Myrtle Beach resort holiday

10. Where is the Grand Canyon?


It’s on the US west coast and will take you approximately 2 and a half hours driving. Absolutely worth the trip!!

You have more travel questions? Let us know and we’ll answer them!

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