‘Safe Travels!’: 11 Smart Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

'Safe Travels!': 11 Smart Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

You can feed your wanderlust and learn how to stay safe as a solo female traveller at the same time! 

We’ll show you how. So, bookmark our list to revisit it whenever you need to refresh your memory. We promise, though: it’ll all come naturally after following our safety tips for solo female travellers during a couple of trips.


11 safety tips for solo female travellers ready to discover the world

Here’s how to live your best #TravelLife safely.

1. Research that specific country or area

The rest of our safety tips for solo female travellers will work pretty much anywhere. 

Still, from common scams to bad neighbourhoods, it’s also important to research how to stay safe as a solo female traveller in your specific destination.

2. Don’t post real-time on social media…

“But that’s the best part!”

Don’t worry: we’re not saying you shouldn’t share your travel stories. Just wait until after you’ve left that location so that nobody can track you (you never know who’s following your accounts!).

3. … but do stay connected

  • Share your itinerary and/or check in regularly with a designated family member or friend
  • Check with your internet provider that you’ll actually have roaming, or buy a local SIM for longer trips
  • Still, on Google Maps, download the offline map of that area (and mark your accommodation!) just in case 
  • Write down or learn local emergency numbers 

    4. Be smart with your valuables and luggage

      These are especially important safety tips for women travelling alone because you might be seen as an easier target by pickpockets. 

      • Bring printed copies of your passport and documents, and email them to yourself
      • Don’t bring excessive valuables, and invest in a secure day bag to always have them on you when transiting
      • Going out for the day? Leave everything you don’t actually need. Slash-proof locking baggage will come in handy when there’s no safe in your accommodation 
      • Carry a zip-up bag across your body instead of just one shoulder or your back

      5. Watch your drinks 

        As in “don’t leave them unattended” but also “avoid losing control!”

        If meeting someone, resist the peer pressure from those who might be able to drink more: it’s not worth it.

        6. Blend in

        Standing out makes it easier to become a target for scammers!

        With your outfit and behaviour, try and pass for a local or, at least, a long-time resident.

        Safety Gadgets_door lock 5

        7. Carry some safety gadgets

        This female solo travel tip might actually save your life, but we hope you’ll only ever need it for peace of mind.

        • Here are some reliable but budget-friendly travel safety products, like personal alarms and additional door locks
        • Pepper spray is often considered an illegal weapon, but… psst: mosquito spray and hairspray don’t feel that nice in the eyes either!

        8. Transit safely

          • Avoid empty train carriages
          • Look for women-only compartments
          • Book taxis via reliable apps or hotel receptions

          9. Get travel insurance (really)

          We all think we’re never going to need it… until we desperately do!

          From losing your passport to getting stranded, travel insurance could easily save your day as a solo female traveller, so it’s not something worth skimping on.


          10. Pick the right accommodation

          • Consider choosing hotels with 24-hour receptions
          • In shared accommodation, prioritise female-only dorms
          • Always check the reviews first (especially from fellow women travellers)

          11. Have common sense, and always trust your guts

          These are actually the MOST important safety tips for solo female travellers. As women, we’re often pressured into being kind and accommodating, but it’s not rude to stay alert!

          • Don’t tell strangers you’re travelling alone
          • Something feels off? You don’t have to keep talking or hanging out with someone. Pretend you’re meeting a friend or partner, excuse yourself, and walk away

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