5 Travel Security Products for Female Wanderers: Stay Safe!

5 Travel Security Products for Female Wanderers: Stay Safe!

A better-safe-than-sorry mindset isn’t about being paranoid! While we hope you’ll never have to use some of these travel security products, we do recommend carrying them just in case, especially to stay safe as a solo female traveller.

Not only have they got the potential of saving you from unpleasant (or dreadful) situations, but they’ll give you some additional peace of mind, too.

And the best part? We’ve found some extremely budget-friendly travel safety gadgets.

1. Personal alarm – small but important travel security product for solo women travellers

Bumped into some sketchy individuals and there’s nobody else around you? Got lost whilst backpacking? Hopefully, it’ll never happen.

Still, should you ever need to grab people’s attention ASAP, you can’t go wrong with a personal alarm.

This Safe Nomad model is especially practical: you can hook it to your bag or belt and even strap it to your wrist. It measures just over 5”, and “though it be but little,” it is LOUD—as loud as most jet engines. It’ll be heard by people who are over 500 m away!

Water-resistant and USB rechargeable, this travel security product is actually a handy two-in-one gadget since it comes with a bright LED flashlight, too.


    2. Door lock – to sleep more soundly

    You can do all the planning in the world and read every single review… but sometimes you’ll still end up getting some weird vibes when you arrive at your next accommodation.

    With this sturdy stainless-steel door lock by Voarge, you’ll feel better straight away.

    You won’t need any tools to install it, and it won’t cause any damage to the actual door (pheeeew). Most importantly, whether you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb, NOBODY will be able to open that door from the outside.


      3. Alarm door stopper – for extra peace of mind

      In most cases, a portable door lock is more than enough. However, if you don’t usually wake up easily, you might want to consider this additional travel security product by EpicTraveler, too.

      It works just like a normal door stopper but has an integrated alarm (120 dB). So, no matter how soundly you’re sleeping, if someone is trying to open your door, you will hear them… and so will other people in the building and area!

      Weighing only 120 g/0.26 lb, it lets you choose amongst different sensitivity levels, and it can be switched off completely, so it won’t go off when it’s in your bag


        4. Anti-theft luggage cover – for frequent flyers

        Available in a wide range of sizes and designs, this is definitely one of the most stylish travel security products.

        Why a luggage cover, you ask? To keep your zip concealed and discourage theft!

        At the same time, a cover will keep the actual suitcase clean and more protected from accidental damage too, which is always a plus.

        Another perk: there won’t be any risk of other travellers mistaking your suitcase for theirs, which happens more often than you’d think with plain and neutral models.


          5. Privacy protection luggage tags – travel safety accessories for extra privacy

          Having your name and contact details on your suitcase is important in case it goes missing or something goes wrong.

          At the same time, think about it: do you really want to leave them in plain sight for everyone to see?!

          This humble but handy travel security product is a simple solution: luggage tags that hide your personal details.

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