What To Do In Aspen?

What to do in Aspen

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You’re thinking about what to do in Aspen? You’ve come to the right place!

Aspen is Colorado’s most famous resort town. In fact, it’s renowned for its beautiful ski lodges, miles and miles of ski tracks and quaint small town feel. Because of its location in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, it attracts millions of visitors. Especially during the winter season when skiers and snowboarders hit the ski slopes. However, Aspen has other great attractions! You’re looking for some quirky and unusual attractions away from the crowds? Try these:

    • This non collecting museum showcases the latest creations from both local and international artists. A historical building, which used to be the Hunter Creek Power Plant, now houses the museum. The exhibits address vital cultural, political and social issues. It’s located on East Hyman Avenue.

    • While he was under hallucinogenic drugs, the architect Andre Ulrych designed this vacation home. The house, which features 70s style decor, also has cave like features reminiscent of the Flintstones house. The house has no corners, and was constructed using natural stones held together by concrete. It’s a popular vacation home and Hugh Hefner once held a party there.

    • Easily the most photographed feature in Colorado! The Maroon Bells is a set of mountain peaks with a lake in a glacial valley. While the peaks change colours through the seasons, maroon is the predominant hue throughout the year. The mountains are said to get their colour from an iron bearing mineral, hematite. You can visit the mountains via bus during summer or with your own carl car which will cost you around $10 at the entrance.
    • Aspen is a foodie’s paradise! While it offers a good old American burger, you can also find some exotic dishes. There’s a wide range of cuisine from top notch restaurants and hotels. For example featuring top restaurants like Element 47, Matsuhisa, Cache Cache and others.

What’s your favourite spot?

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