What To Do In Miami?


Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA, beloved for its sandy beaches, lively night life, and Cuban and salsa culture. Warm all year round weather makes it a popular destination for sun chasers while a variety of high end hotels cater to tourists from all over the country. There are endless sights to explore and things to do in Miami with the most popular being kicking back at the beach, dancing the night away at a local night spot and enjoying delicious continental cuisine at one of Miami’s myriad restaurants. However, if you prefer a quieter holiday away from the popular sights and sounds, below are a few unusual and out of the way tourist attractions to help you enjoy your holiday:
    • Grab a gal pal and head to this famous pool located in the city of Coral Gables. Featuring Mediterranean architecture with caves and waterfalls, this pool is fed by spring water from an underground aquifer and is a great place to relax and cool off. Turquoise blue waters, historical buildings and great landscaping make this one of the must see attractions in Miami.

    • Set out for a romantic getaway at Schnelby’s Winery, a local vintner located in Homestead, Florida. Visitors can shop for delicious wines, sample some in house wines, enjoy some beer brewed on site or enjoy delicious meals at the restaurant. They can also carry along a basket and enjoy a picnic on the grounds.

    • Stiltsville is a small collection houses built on sand lots off the coast of Miami on Sunset Harbour. Tourists can head out to the houses on a boat. Guides will offer information about Stiltsville including its reputation as a rum running station in the earlier part of the 20th century.

    • The kampong is a beautiful tropical garden set on 9 acres of land and located in the Coconut Grove neighbourhood. Featuring thousands of tropical plants including fruits such as bananas, mangoes, star fruit and others.

    • This is a wildlife park that was set up to study various species of primates. It is set on over 30 acres of land and has over 400 primates with over 30 species. Tunnel cages transverse the park, allowing humans to view the monkeys in their natural habitat without risking attack.

What’s would you add to the Miami list?

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