What To Do In Vegas?

One of the most googled questions of 2016 was “What to do in Vegas?”. Since I was there just last year, let me tell you about what you should definitely do!

Let’s start with the “cliché” things to do while in Vegas.


If you’re in Vegas you’ll want to take a picture with the iconic “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Other things include:

1. The Strip
Which basically means the main boulevard. It has all the hotels and casinos along it. This is where everything happens, so you won’t get around it anyway… 😉

2. The Stratosphere Tower
It’s a hotel and casino on the northern end of The Strip. It is also the US’ tallest free standing observation tower. It hosts loads of fun activities!

3. The Hangover Wedding Chapel
If you’re into movies, you’ll want to check out where Hangover was filmed. In fact there is no real building for it. It’s a fake front attached to the building of the Hostel Cat. (Which I can highly recommend, since it’s where I stayed in Vegas. Awesome people!)

4. Head To DTLV
ownTown Las Vegas 😉
It is just north of the strip. It’s the historical townside and where the actual gambling district used to be, before The Strip took over. You’ll find plenty of things to do by just strolling around. Museums, Art, Bars and much more.

My recommendation

Stroll around the Container Park. It’s packed with restaurants, shopping opportunities and entertainment for the whole family.


While going to the Casinos in the evening gets you this Ocean’s 11 feeling, I recommend to just take the whole day to explore your favourite ones.

Of course covering the top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. The Wynn Las Vegas
  2. Mandalay Bay
  3. Bellagio
  4. Santa Fe Station
  5. MGM Grand
  6. South Point
  7. Aria
  8. Caesar’s Palace
  9. Paris Hotel
  10. Venetian

But be warned – it takes muuuch longer than you’d expect and the buildings are further away then they might seem! (More on that in my story time video at the end…)

My recommendations

  1. Go to the Venetian for a pool party! That’s definitely a fun experience and you’ll get to see the casino from a totally different perspective! You can even get in for free if you preregister through this website.
  2. Go shopping in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s. Upstairs definitely a very luxurious experience. Downstairs you’ll feel like strolling through Italy! And no matter what time it is – there it’s always day time!


Going on a great night out is a must in Vegas. Or “out out” as we girls would say…

Again, I can highly recommend No Cover Night Clubs, because they can get you pretty good deals for getting into clubs! Even putting you on guest lists for some special events or tables with bottle service in clubs. Just email them and let them know where you want to go!

I personally really liked The Light nightclub in the Mandalay Bay Casino. I don’t think any words would do it justice. So just check out the pictures and let me tell you that it was a fun night “out out” . The girls I met through the hostel and then went to this club together, we are still in touch and keep talking about that night out!


You’re going to Vegas! Be different! How about joining the circus?

1. Cirque Du Soleil Tour
Unless you’re really flexible and can do some crazy back flips, you probably won’t be able to actually join the circus… But you can go on an insider tour through the whole production worth $165 million. The KA Theatre in the MGM Grand opens its doors to the public every Tuesday from 11am. 

2. Find The Golden Nugget
The biggest golden nugget “The Hand of Faith” is obviously to be found in Vegas. Where else would it be? It was found in 1980 in Australia and weighs whopping 27.6 kg (61 pounds). Head to the Gold Tower hotel lobby!

3. Zipline Through Downtown Las Vegas
You can fly through Las Vegas in a Superman-like manner if you dare to. Go to SlotZilla and opt for either the lower “Zipline” in 23m height (77 feet) or the upper “Zoomline” on 35m (114 feet), which is a 10 stories building.

4. Get Free Pancakes
In order to get free pancakes you might have to get married first, though…

Denny’s Wedding Chapel offers different wedding packages. One of them includes a cake made of pancakes! But if you’re not ready yet, you can head over there between 4 and 10pm – kids eat free around this time.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! 😉

Any suggestions on what to add? Send me an email!
Safe travels!


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