Why Travel is Good for You

You’re being on edge with everyone lately? Are you having a burnout? Maybe you no longer find joy in those things you used to love?

You want to know why travel is good for you?

Let’s run a quick diagnosis:

When was your last holiday? Let me guess, six months ago? A year? Maybe 2? Oh, you can’t even remember?!

Girl, get in here! We need to have a quick chat.

While I’m completely down for working hard and meeting your goals (girl power, right?!),  it is essential to know when to take a break.

Traveling is more than just checking off some countries from your bucket list or making lasting memories. There is a boatload of statistics on the web that shows how traveling impacts your health, career, self-esteem, and relationships.

As a matter of fact, a detailed study by the U.S. Travel Association reaffirmed how traveling kicks the stress out and helps you to stay focused at work.

That’s what I am talking about. Traveling goes beyond healing your physical body and keeping you in shape. It also helps to heal your mind and soul.

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What is your excuse for not travelling?

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Still dragging your feet on booking that flight? Check out these 5 scientifically-backed reasons you should travel more.

1. Traveling cuts back stress and improves your mental health

Traveling has been shown to help relieve stress and improve your overall well being. It is no doubt that life starts feeling like a long groundhog day when stuck in a routine. This can greatly spike your stress level and even lead to anxiety and depression. Do I need to add less productivity and a total sad face towards life? Oh, well, you get it.

Fortunately, there is a way out! Traveling has a way of renewing your mind body and soul by helping you to relieve stress and improving your overall well-being. People who travel more are less likely to develop chronic diseases, anxiety and depression.

Trust me, you will be surprised at how much weight you lose and how healthier you feel by traveling more. It is magical, I must confess!

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2. Traveling helps you rediscover yourself

Are you struggling with who you are lately? Does the image that reflects on the mirror look like a total stranger? Girl, I can’t stress this enough, a vacation is long overdue! Don’t do this to yourself.

Travelers tend to have a better sense of who they are and what they want in life. They always look like they have it all together. They are way happier and have an incorruptible self-esteem.

This is because traveling helps you to rediscover yourself. It gives you time to meditate, learn, and improve. Leaving your comfort zone into a new territory forces you to learn a lot of new things. Further, you get to try out new things and learn from people across different walks of life.

3. Enhances your social and communication skills

I guess this goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. Among other things, traveling helps to sharpen your social and communication skills. When you visit a new environment, you are forced to mingle with other people. You get to learn how to interact with others. You also get better at accommodating others.

Did I mention the benefit of learning new languages directly from the native speakers?

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4. Changes your outlook on life and the world in general

It is no news that traveling has the potential of healing your mind and giving you a whole new perspective of life – and the world in general. Okay, I get it. You live in a big city, rich in cultural diversity. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. By traveling to different countries, you get to learn and appreciate the cultural diversity that exists in our world. You have a totally new outlook on life and the way you perceive humanity. You will begin to appreciate different foods, cultures, festivals, ceremony styles, and diversity across different ethnic groups in the world.

5. Helps you build your network

Career lady? No problem at all! I will like to add that traveling helps you build your network – both social and business networks. Sure, you have a few friends and colleagues in your locality. But this is not the same as traveling. As a traveler, you put yourself in a position to meet people from all walks of life. Therefore, setting yourself up to meet and create a strong and lasting network of both friends and partners.

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See! With traveling, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. From health to career and your relationship, traveling has proved to be a great cure to everything. Don’t sleep on this one, sis. Book that flight today!

Remember you’re not alone in this. TravelSisters got you covered!

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