Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once

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Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once

I urge you to travel solo at least once in your life. It is so completely different from travelling with friends, family or your partner. There are so many things to learn that you definitely won’t regret in the future. And if you really liked the place and want to share it with someone, you could always go back again!

Here are the key reasons of why I think that everyone should travel solo at least once in their life. In no particular order:

  1. Freedom
  2. New friends
  3. Self-discovery
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Greater awareness
  6. Romance
But let’s also talk about the downsides…

1. Freedom

When you are travelling solo, you will experience a new level of freedom. You can do whatever you feel like doing. You can decide to meticulously plan every step of the way or you can decide to just relax by the beach for the whole day. What makes it so amazing is that you don’t have to compromise.

No compromises when you travel solo

Often times, we have to take into consideration what other want or don’t want. Sometimes, you will have to do things that you maybe don’t like so much as a trade-off for seeing something the other person might not like too much. And let’s admit it, we already never have enough time to see everything we want. So, when travelling solo, you know that you have covered the most you possibly could.

2. New Friends

Travelling solo opens you up. When you’re travelling with friends, you tend to stick together. Not when you’re alone simply because there is no-one to hold onto. You end up making travel friends all over the world. Which is both the best and also very annoying – more on that in another post… distance and all.

3. Self-discovery

You have much more time to go at your own pace, think and reflect on your experiences. Travelling solo gives you a new point of view which you might not have found chatting with your friend. People tend to stick what they know when it’s available. Putting yourself out there will make you grow by finding new version or maybe just new pieces of yourself.

4. Self-confidence

You will inevitably get into situations that drag you out of your comfort zone. Which will help you to face your own weaknesses and also show you your priorities when you have to decide for yourself “how much can I put up with right now?”. It makes you think outside of the box and turns you into a problem solver. (Trust me, figuring out how to get from Shanghai to Beijing with no internet and no Mandarin skills was quite the challenge…. But now I know that if I managed that, I can probably manage pretty much anything)

5. Greater awareness

When we travel with others, we’re oftentimes caught up in the conversation. When you travel solo, you will start seeing so much more than you thought was possible. You might find a tucked away coffee shop with the most amazing pastries that you would have otherwise just walked by without even noticing. Or you might spot that cute guy throwing you a brief glance from across the street….

6. Travel Romance

It’s much more likely that you will get involved in a little travel romance when you’re travelling solo than when you’re out and about with your bestie. I’m not saying it won’t but chances are much higher when travelling solo. Of course, that’s not why we travel. But it can make travel memories so much sweeter if you do stumble across someone you like… and who happens to be a local and can show you around the “really cool places”.

The downsides

Now let’s be completely honest. Of course, travelling solo has it downsides, too. But it’s still worth it – I promise!


Sometimes you might find yourself alone and for whatever reason the hostel you’re staying at ist quite empty so you don’t end up meeting so many people. The upside? More time for self-reflection and self-growth!

Higher Costs

It’s usually cheaper to book a group ticket, rather than booking something for only one person. The upside of it is that you’re much more flexible!


Here at TravelSisters we are very focused on how to make your travels as safe as possible. Because of course travelling solo, especially as a woman, comes with its own risks. Be street-smart! Always make sure you know the emergency number for the country you’re in. Always keep your surroundings in mind – I’m not saying be paranoid about it, but be smart about it. Don’t wear fancy and expensive looking jewellery when you know it’s not a good area. Avoid bad areas in the first place! Which of course means: always do your research before travelling somewhere.

Check out our "Toolkit" on our prototype. We are adding emergency numbers, must have apps and other tips on there.
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